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Julia Read, Bagpiper

I have been playing the bagpipes since 1984, having learnt whilst a student of Electronic Engineering at Auckland University, New Zealand. I am an experienced band piper as well as solo.


My family have a long heritage of playing the bagpipes. My grandfather piped for London Scottish and set up the Chingford Pipe Band in the 1950s. My mum was the pipe major of the band and my aunt was a piper in the famous Dagenham Girl Pipers. 

Some of my bagpiping highlights include: 

- solo piper atop Leeds castle at the end of their summer festival

- zombie piper in a Bollywood movie (Heropanti 2)

- playing for the Kings of Spain

- opening the Rugby at New Zealand's Eden park in the mass bands parade

Bagpiper for D-Day Landings Anniversary

D-day landings, 80th anniversary on 6 June 2024. 

Book Julia a bagpiper, Scottish piper to play for the D-day landings 80th anniversary on 6 June 2024

Bagpiper, Scottish piper in South East England, London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey. Bagpiper for hire, Scottish piper for hire


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