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Books on Scotland

Scottish Music Yearbook

by Julia Read

The Scottish Music Yearbook takes you on a year long journey to Scotland by looking at the music of Scottish composers. Through selected days of the year, you will be suggested a piece of music celebrating Scotland.

Reviews 4.4/5

"It was a guided, self-drive armchair holiday with the Music of Scotland on the radio and, as the journey unfolded, I could start to form an idea of how strong the heart beats in a proud Scottish chest."

"The range of music styles mentioned in this book is fantastic."

Scottish Music Yearbook (Summer) 

by Julia Read

Each day of Summer explore pieces of music by Scottish composers.

You'll read and hear about Scottish Kings & Queens, take day trips from Edinburgh and drive the NC500 with music recommendations on your radio. You'll visit Scotland's famous golf courses, her most stunning cathedrals and much more.

This book is an extract of the full book 'Scottish Music Yearbook' and covers the months June - August. 

(Spring, Autumn and Winter are coming soon)

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